Prefab Garages

Just because that dream home you’ve been looking for doesn’t have a prefab garage doesn’t mean that it’s not the right home for you. Instead, if there is a little extra land on your lot, you can have one of the many types of attached garages installed on your property. Even if you have an attached garage for parking your car, prefab wood garages or prefab metal garages can make great places to store all of your extra stuff.

What Can You Do With Your Garage?

So your grandmother passed away and left you a whole shed full of great things. She didn’t just leave you that vacuum cleaner that has been around since Lyndon Johnson was President. She also left you the shell of that ’66 Corvette that your grandfather had always tinkered with when you were there, as well as all of her lawn and leaf equipment. If you want to keep all of those new treasures but don’t have a place to put it, then one of the many designs for prefab garages could be ideal for your needs.

There are many types of prefab wood garages such as this

Prefab Garages Prices

Another use for these garages is to provide a little extra usable space without the significant expense of adding onto your home. By installing prefab garages, prices are lower than they would be if you wanted to knock out a wall continue your existing dwelling. You will need to spend a little money on electrical work and insulation so that your new space is comfortable and has basic amenities. You’ll also need to pick up a little bit of furniture to put out there. Then you’ll have some extra space that works well for extra large family gatherings and gives you another place to keep guests when they come into town. If you need a “man cave” to watch your favorite football team play on Sunday afternoons, but your wife really doesn’t like losing her living room once a week, then this is the perfect option. You’re a whole building away from all of those distractions going on in the house. If you’ve put the time and money in to build this extra space, then you deserve some relaxation. You don’t even have to stick with that cement floor. You can use linoleum, tile, or even some types of carpet in your garages.


An example of a prefab metal garage

There are as many shapes and sizes for prefab garages as there are potential clients. You can choose to have space for one or two cars; you can even choose to have two stories. That way, you can park the cars down below and have that “man cave” (or that extra storage space) upstairs. Siding options come in a variety of materials, including metal, cedar, board batten, or vinyl. Many of the companies offering to install garages allow you to customize the size to your needs, meaning that you build it to suit the space you have on your property, and the needs you have for additional space.

If you have some available space on your property, and can use the extra storage or living space, consider prefab garages as an alternative to the expense of additions.